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Portfolio Custom Heliskiing About How


  1. Gallery heading
    When you open the gallery, the gallery name will appear here.  When you enter each gallery, the name will again display here.  Rollover the name to show the Gallery name and category.
  2. Main menu
    This is the main menu where navigation between gallery categories occurs. The main menu is always 2 levels and it can be dragged around on the site.
  3. Image attribute
    This text simply displays the name and index number of the image currently being displayed.
  4. Image area
    Area for images and for thumbnails when in thumbnail mode.
  5. Descriptions
    Button for opening the description and attributes of the image. When opened, description covers bottom 1/3 of the image area on an opaque backdrop.
  6. Mini Navigation
    These minimal buttons < and > on the bottom black bar let you navigate to next and previous image. In thumbnail mode, they let you navigate through thumbnails.
  7. Subscrollermenu
    This horizontal menu at the far bottom lets you browse through all images in the current gallery category represented by an image number. When you rollover an item, a thumbnail image loads with the specific item.
  8. Image Navigation
    This scroller lets you navigate and scroll an image that is larger than the visible image area. Navigation adapts to total image dimensions.
  9. Main Controls
    This is the main control bar to browse the current gallery by switching between images and thumbnails.
    1 : Next - Next image or next thumbnail group.
    2 : Previous - Previous image or previous thumbnail group.
    3 : Toggle between thumbnail and current image view.
    4 : Toggle motion on image
    5 : Open image in popup